Stacy Connelly
Romance Author
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Nick Pirelli's little girl was growing up way too fast. He knew she needed a mom—which meant he needed a wife! But finding the right woman in Clearville wasn't easy. The local dating pool was shallow, and the grapevine put Nick's every move under a microscope. Still, he was determined to find Ms. Right…until Darcy Dawson blew into town.

A city girl who'd never set down roots, Darcy wasn't the woman Nick needed. But no matter where he went, he couldn't escape her sexy red curls or her husky laugh—nor could he ignore the joy the beautiful stranger brought to his daughter. Yet he couldn't stop worrying about what other people might think. Could straitlaced Nick finally throw caution to the wind for the woman who'd captured his heart?

Romantic Times Review--
DARCY AND THE SINGLE DAD (4): Small-town vet and single dad Nick Pirelli is attracted to city transplant Darcy Dawson, but his ex’s desertion taught him to be cautious. His head says resist even when his heart tells him to give in to temptation. Darcy’s fulfilling her deceased mother’s dream — only to realize it has become her dream too. If she could only add sexy vet Nick to the picture, it would be perfect.

Connelly’s couple’s differences made the read real as Nick and Darcy stumble past obstacles toward the finish line to love. A perfect small-town setting, a memorable cast of co-stars and sensual yet tender love scenes bring the story to life.

Reviewed By: Debbie Haupt