Stacy Connelly
Romance Author
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Sam Pirelli likes his women the way he likes his cars: fast and fun. He likes his life of carefree detachment. He likes driving the open road with the wind in his hair. He likes never knowing what is around the next curve-such as the gorgeous blonde with the flat tire-a perfect opportunity to show off his "shining armor"!

Practically speaking, straitlaced, responsible Kara Starling is no damsel in distress. She'd come to Clearville to introduce an unwitting Sam to his son-the product of a past romance. Stunned by her intense attraction to him, Kara is both intrigued-and a little concerned. Would she be consigning a child to life with a playboy daddy? Or is Sam's good-time exterior hiding the perfect father-and the man of her dreams?

Romantic Times Review--
DADDY SAYS, “I DO!” (4½):
Guardian of her young nephew, Kara Starling is in Clearville to find his father, Sam Pirelli. Her first impression tells her she’s intensely attracted to him, but he may not be father material. Sam is shocked and terrified at first, but now he’s thrilled to be a dad and he’s determined to be the best. But what does he do about his feelings for Kara? This touching, heartfelt tale will bring tears of joy and sadness. Connelly expertly teaches a lesson in humility while giving her couple and one special little boy a forever home and family.

Reviewed by Debbie Haupt